Make the Switch to Natural Gas

Save money with oil to gas conversion in Pascoag, RI

Heating your home in Pascoag, RI can be expensive. Between maintaining an oil tank and buying gallons of oil every winter, you're throwing money away with an inefficient system. Fortunately, converting from oil to gas is much easier than you may think.

As a National Grid Value Plus Installer (VPI), Michael Freitas Plumbing & Heating Co. can equip your home with an efficient heating system that saves money and helps the environment. With a natural gas heating system from us, you get quick installation today and major savings on your energy bills tomorrow.

Save the environment and your money with an oil to gas conversion service from Michael Freitas Plumbing & Heating. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

Discover the benefits of natural gas heating

While installing a gas heating system takes a bit of work, converting from oil to gas provides tons of advantages over time. An oil to gas conversion:

  • Reduces your fuel costs
  • Heats your space more efficiently
  • Helps save the environment with a clean-burning fuel system
We install natural gas lines in residential and commercial properties all around the Pascoag, RI area. Connect with us now to discuss an installation at your property.